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LangwayChem Shanghai Co.,LTD founded in 2006, is a professional company who specializes in innovative organic synthesis, including organic process research and development of APIs and critical pharmaceutical intermediates as well as process scale up. Langwaychem also provide custom synthesis & contract manufacture services from grams to hundreds of kilograms to help customer cut cost on R&D while improve efficiency as well.

With an excellent team of experienced, creative chemists and good management, LangwayChem will provide you high quality service based on our unfailing commitment to customers, integrity, professional and efficiency. LangwayChem cares every customer, and grows with customer’s satisfaction.

You are welcome to send inquiry to customer@langwaychem.com for any product, listed or not listed,we will evaluate and answer you within two working days. LangwayChem is dedicated in establishing long-term, various, and mutual-benefit cooperation with companies worldwide.

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Songjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai,China P.C.: 201615

Tel: +86-21-67639201
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E-mail: customer@langwaychem.com
Website: http://www.langwaychem.com

Songjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai,China, 201615 Tel: +86-21-67639201, MP: +86-136 0175 5340 E-mail: customer@langwaychem.com Website: http://www.langwaychem.com

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